So this restaurant doesn’t spell out the entirety of ‘Pizza Hut’, but it is pretty obvious that they nicked the logo. Or, well, only half of the logo.

For those of us living nearby, this place has intrigued for a while now, partially because it could potentially be cheap edible pizza on our doorstep and partially because the door reads ‘cupcakes’, and everyone knows that those fluffy multi-colored delights are the best thing to have ever been invented.

We went in and took one for the team: we tried the pizza and cupcakes for you. Well, we wanted to, but they didn’t actually have any cupcakes. False advertising much? Upon pointing out to the staff that their door reads ‘cupcakes’, they seemed confused too so we googled some cupcake images for them. They're now considering changing the sign.

The pizza was okay, for Chinese pizza standards. Probably better than actual Pizza Hut: this shouldn’t really be a surprise. The crust was thick and a tad too sweet, but the topping (we had the Vegetarian Pizza, currently on offer for RMB 26.8, but RMB 24.9 if you are a VIP  god knows what you have to do for that) was fresh and plenty. The cheese wasn’t even bad.

As for the cake, we had the Original (yes, history's original cake) for RMB 17.5. it was standard Taiwanese-style cake: fluffy, light, and the egg-to-everything-else ratio was a little bit off. They also have a “Gream Trans-fat Free” cake (RMB 24), which is kind of disturbing, so we didn’t try that one.

Final verdict: not bad, if your other options are Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut and if you are a fan of slightly-sweet pizza, or Chinglish writing on walls.

Daily 9am-9pm, 129 Andingmen Neidajie, Dongcheng District (133 1142 7705)

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