We have found you something else to do during Chinese New Year that isn’t drinking or visiting a Temple Fair: shake things up and catch the pilot episode of Passage to China!

The first of three 45-minute episodes of Passage to China will air during Spring Festival, on February 21 to be precise, and aims to cover all aspects of Chinese culture from fine art to food, China Daily reports. It will air on China’s Ministry of Culture and Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific Travel & Living Channel ... and breathe.

The show bases itself around China’s diverse culture, touching on its traditions, development, and communication with the rest of the world. It will also tell a personal story: that of Denise Keller, a Singaporean TV host of Chinese and German ancestry who explores her family's roots.

As always with cultural documentaries, we are hoping there be will adequate original and delicious Chinese grub for us to drool over.

If you do miss it, China Daily promises that Chinese audiences will be able to watch the documentary on chinaculture.org, an English-language website sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. To find out more, you can also visit discovery.com.

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