Cici Feng Johnston
Co-owner of Trouble Bar

Her style: It’s all about comfort. “Because most of my days involve physical movement working the bar and managing the import inventory, I try my best to dress professionally with a bit of traditional Chinese flare of bold color, design, and patterns. Showing off my long, straight black hair is also very important to me. It may not be the “F&B style,” but it’s my style.”
Favorite place to shop in Beijing: “I enjoy shopping at Moonstop, located at 388 Caochangdi Art District, in support of my many fashion designer friends.”
Guilty pleasure garment: “This is my husband Brick’s favorite question. He’ll tell you I have many, many guilty pleasure garments, ranging from Nepalese shawls, to custom-made leather handbags to simple hats from street vendors. A lady has to stay on her toes if she is to create her own style outside of the trend.
Another tattoo: “My personal artist is working on a design for my back. It’s still in the process of being designed, so I can’t really say what it is except that it’s a bit of Chinese tradition with a twist. After my back is finished, then I believe I’m finished. No more tattoos.”
What she’s wearing: leather vest, wide-leg wool pants, silk blouse, and silk skirt by Moonstop Work Studios

Cici and her husband Brick host tattoo and cycling events and serve up bottled craft beer every day from 5pm at Trouble Bar.

Yi Zhou
Founder of Body Memory

Her style: “Beijing granny, but international.” Favorite jewelry designer: Karen Mabon from London. “Her works are playful and tell a story.”
How her job has affected her style: She says her products reflect her personality, and she only changes her style for her Body Memory Clinic, when she dresses up like a doctor.
Favorite place to shop in Beijing: The open-air market near Dongzhimen MOMA. “Residents who live around the area bring their unwanted items there and prices are incredibly cheap. I feel like everything there is real compared with what’s offered in stores on the main street.”
What inspires her about Beijing’s style scene: “I am always fascinated with what Beijing’s aunties and grannies are wearing. Sometimes, I will go to a morning market near my house with my mom to observe and do research.”
What she’s wearing: handmade mian ao (棉袄) passed down from grandma, shirt and cardigan from Uniqlo, pants by uare (有耳), shoes by New Balance, brooch by Body Memory, eyeglasses chain by Migoo, ring by Yvmin (尤目), hat is a handmade gift

Find out more about Yi Zhou’s other works or buy from her Body Memory collection at

Photos: Uni, Ken

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