Once you have persuaded the Hong Kong Immigration Department of your ability to make a substantial contribution to the economy of Hong Kong and have been granted an investment visa, can you then argue, after the fact, that actually, you have no practical need to establish office premises of your own after all?



I started a business and got a Hong Kong investment visa 2 years ago. During that period, I have worked as an independent consultant for the same financial services company. I work full time on-site at this office. I have not had my own office during this period.

I have reapplied for a Hong Kong investment visa successfully twice, and each time Immigration only granted me a one-year visa, each time subjecting me to business review the following year (including this year). They warned me I need to better prove I am contributing to the local economy, by having my own office and hiring local employees.

My question is this – do I really need to rent an office? I will actually never use the office, so for me, it would be a waste of money. Or, instead of getting my own office, would you suggest I share an office, find a cheap service office, or even get a virtual office?

My friends who also own businesses in Hong Kong say I shouldn’t worry about getting an office. I am highly skilled, and Hong Kong needs people with my skills. I also have plenty of cash in my business account.

I can also get strong referral letters, including one from my main client, who will describe how I provide necessary ‘independent’ analyst for them.

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