This week, we saw the release of the official government “Report on the Recent Community and Political Situation in Hong Kong.” It concluded:
“It is the common aspiration of the Central Authorities [in Beijing], the [Hong Kong Special Administrative Region] Government, and the people of Hong Kong to implement universal suffrage for the [Chief Executive] election in 2017 in Hong Kong as scheduled and strictly in accordance with the Basic Law and the relevant Interpretation and Decisions of the [National People’s Congress Standing Committee]. This is also an important policy initiative of the current term Government.” The group HongKong2020, convened by veteran political leader and democracy advocate Anson Chan, was quick to call the report a “complete misrepresentation of the views of the vast majority of the community.” Another Hong Konger active in media who wrote to us directly but declined to be named dismissed the report as “not that important” and nothing more than a “collection of clippings,” suggesting instead that concerned souls closely follow the coming Public Consultation on the Method for Selecting the Chief Executive by Universal Suffrage. Following are a host of concerned voices in and outside Hong Kong adding their reactions to the first ChinaFile Conversation of 2015. — The Editors

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