Christophe Cervasel, co-owner of Maison de Parfum Atelier Cologne, launched two new colognes as part of the Collection Métal at Beijing’s Italian high-end department store 10 Corso Como yesterday.

The collection is built around the Earth’s rarest ingredients and comprise two new scents: Blanche Immortelle, inspired by the rare mountain flower ‘immortelle’ from Corsica, an island in the south of Italy, and Santal Carmin, which combines the delicate essences of Italian bergamot, Mexican limette, and Indian saffron.

Out of the two, the Blanche Immortelle was my favorite, exuding a delicate smell but retaining a depth. However, both fragrances were suitably different to the typical high street perfumes and were not sickeningly sweet. The leather cases for the bottles are also a nice touch.

Christophe tells us that all of their fragrances are not just that, they are "stories captured in time". If that's not enough, all of the colognes are all unisex, boast a long-lasting scent, and are said to change slightly depending on who wears them, adapting to you and your personality.  

Perfect for Valentine's Day, the scents come in delicate and luxurious bottles of 200ml, 100ml, and a 30ml travel version of pure perfume and are available from the 10 Corso Como store, along with Atelier Cologne’s other collections.

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