Aside from offering up concerts, festival coordinators seem equally bent on establishing a scene, and setting up a community that can linger beyond the last scheduled event. Case in point: this year’s Bike to JUE initiative. While most festivals leave a gaping carbon footprint and masses of tattered litter after the party rolls out of town, planners at the forthcoming JUE festival hope to instead encourage eco-friendly gatherings.


  • Group rides will be organized for those who don’t like the idea of biking across town alone. Take the chance to see more of the city.
  • Bicycles will be watched by assigned security personnel in a designated parking area close to each venue, meaning you can enjoy events without worrying if your bike will still be there afterwards.
  • Prizes will be on offer to those who cycle to Bike to JUE events Prizes include cycling accessories and apparel courtesy of NLGX.
  • As Bike to JUE organizer Ines Brunn says: “Most people think that if it takes 25 minutes to cab to a venue, it’ll take twice as long to bike there. But because Beijingers waste so much time sitting in traffic jams, you can often cycle there in far less time.” 

This article originally appeared in our March 2014 issue.

Photos: courtesy Ines Brunn

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