This has been a pretty insane year so far for legendary and cutting edge music visiting the capital, especially with JUE right around the corner. If you were at Swans last night, you would totally catch our drift. Next up on the list is Magma, one of the most eccentric French bands of the 60-70s, will be coming to Yugong Yishan on May 30.

With a penchant for highly technical and meandering progressive rock tunes, these guys are the stuff of science fiction. All of their songs tell stories of life on the mythical land of Kobaïa, which is a planet in another solar system, inhabited by refugee earthlings of the future. Most of their tunes are sung in the made up language of this future civilization, which they also use to communicate with each other and maybe also when playing wholesome games of Scrabble. Whether this is a legitimate system of communication or some kind of pseudo glossolalia is beyond us, but regardless this adds to their intense mystique.

Here are Magma doing their whacked-out best on French TV back in the day:

Mad props to Kaiguan Culture for making this happen.


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