So, if you plan to leave your job a few weeks before your 7 year anniversary how will this impact on your application for the right of abode in Hong Kong?



I‘m Australian, and have an employment visa in Hong Kong currently, but I wish to resign from my present job.

Having said that, I might not be able to apply for a new employment here so soon, but I wish to get right of abode in HK.

My 7th year anniversary is in July 2015.

However, if I resign now, my employment will cease in April; my resident visa ends 2016 Jul.

A few queries:

  1. Will my employment visa expire when my employment ends and will I still be able to stay in HK after April?
  2. If I stay in HK unemployed till July, can I still apply my right of abode then?
  3. If I leave HK in April, and return to HK in July, can I still apply for the right of abode in Hong Kong then?

Many thanks!

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