Warning. This weekend’s dance parties will put an extra amount of stress on those dancing booty muscles, so make sure you have your Bengay or other preferred analgesic heat rubs ready. Don't forget to check our events page for a full round-up of this weekend's parties.

Feb 6: The Same As It Ever Was with DJ Santo Chino
Be prepaired for some delicious disco burners this Friday as Shanghai’s Santo Chino returns to Beijing for the "Same as it Ever Was" party. If you haven’t experienced this record collecting fiend then you have yet to live in the glory of his amazing prowess behind the decks. Santo Chino come from Miami, Florida. A place known for it’s excessive disco sheen and narcotic skyline. It only makes sense that he probably has the best collection of funk, disco, and electro of any DJ in China. Don’t miss out. Free

Feb 6: El Tigre Soundsystem feat. Chico Sonido
From Mexico, but currently residing in California, Chico Sonido will be mixing it up on the Migas dancefloor with a complex range of dance sounds from Mexican psychedelic funk to mutant cumbia. As the renowned DJ for Vice, Fader, and party collective Freak City, you can expect this edition of El Tigre Soundsystem to be a blast of freaky bass heavy low riding jams that wouldn’t sound out of place in a post apocalyptic Cheech and Chong movie. RMB 60

Feb 7: The Syndicate Presents Conrank (UK/Shanghai)
After a busy year touring the USA and releasing massive collaborations with DJ Shadow and Sa Dingding, Shanghai based producer Conrank returns to Dada Beijing this Saturday to show off his grimy talents in an all-out booty shaking extravaganza. This event is brought to you by the Syndicate, so you can be sure that this will be funky blast of furious bass and out of control drum programming. RMB 40

Photos: www.chorusandecho.com, from theorganizers, gallery.mailchimp.com

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