If you like your knitwear, scarves and blankets soft and warm, make sure you get to Norlha’s pop-up store before it shuts on February 8.

The staff are exceedingly friendly and very keen to help us find the perfect item. Everything on offer is inspired by the Tibetan nomadic lifestyle (albeit very posh nomads) and prides itself on being both sustainable and luxurious. Lighter shawls come at RMB 690, and are 50 percent yak khullu and 50 percent silk. Bigger and warmer shawls, at 100 percent yak khullu, come anywhere between RMB 2,070 and RMB 3,450 depending on size and style.

The store is open between 1pm and 9pm, and is located in the Green Room across from Sureño on the Lower Ground of the Opposite House.

Photos: Margaux Schreurs

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