Here's one we're filing under "believe it when we see it." E-commerce titan Alibaba has apparently applied for a license to deliver packages by drone in Beijing and Shanghai.

The maiden drone delivery flight will take place with an Alibaba's logistics partner, Shanghai YTO Express Logistics Co., which will fly a delivery of tea packets from a warehouse in eastern Beijing to the helicopter pad on the top of the China World Trade Center, according to Bloomberg.

We have some trouble believing this one. It wasn't that long ago that a man was arrested for using a drone to film amazing video of various Beijing landmarks, although of course there are licensed and unlicensed drone pilots.

Also, how is this cost effective? Not only is a drone pilot somewhat more skilled than the average delivery person, but a courier is required to go to the site of the delivery anyway to hand the customer their package. That would be like saying a new, self-driving truck will deliver packages around Beijing, except the customer still meets with a delivery company representative to receive it. That doesn't make any sense.

Lastly, while of course over time drones will increase in size and the weight of material they can carry, single drones carrying packages under one kilogram has little value beyond novelty. Think of it this way: how many packages are currently delivered by helicopter?

For now, maybe Alibaba should just concentrate on their stock price.

Photo: Fox News

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