Special notice for those of you who enjoy the occasional subway performance, or cheat the ticket system: the government has vowed to clamp down on everything illegal that is subway related.

Starting in May, in accordance with the “Beijing Transportation Operation Safety Regulation” the Beijing subway will start dealing with beggars, buskers, people advertising on the subway, and those intentionally cheating the ticket system in a more serious manner.

The price hike has allegedly lead to an increase in people jumping barriers or finding other ways to avoid buying tickets, China News reports, although some passengers may legitimately be unaware they aren’t paying the right price for their journey.

More law enforcement personnel will be present in the subway compartments and at subway stations to keep an eye on passengers and dish out the appropriate punishments depending on the offence, as prescribed by the regulations.

The maximum fine for failing to present a valid ticket is 10 times the price of the ticket, so make sure you are traveling with the correct fare! Beggars, promoters, and buskers risk a fine of up to RMB 1,000.

Photo: 3lian.com

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