China has lifted its game console producing and selling ban following a trial in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone.

The ban was originally put in place in 2000 and as a result, nearly two-thirds of China’s gaming market is dominated by PC games, most of which are free and make their money through advertising or add-ons that you can purchase. Approval to have the ban lifted was granted in September 2014.

Microsoft and Sony have already announced new gaming services for Chinese gamers. The news spread fast and led to a 10 percent increase in the value of Nintendo shares in Tokyo, CNN reported.

Producers are currently toiling as to how to appeal to an audience that are used to playing games for free, without a console. This issue is further compacted when you consider the Chinese gamers’ wage, which Reuters says is less than RMB 4,000 for more than 70 percent of gamers.

Does this spell an end of China's wild gaming internet cafés/ad hoc hostels?


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