Recent years have seen a gigantic overflow of high-end fashions from the world’s leading designers entering the Beijing market. It’s amazing how this increased desire for luxury fashions is changing the landscape of China’s capital into a never-ending catwalk of glitterati heels and matching Maseratis. 

Harrod & Ji is a perfect example of this elite hunger, featuring a unique selection of women’s shoes and bags from coveted brands to shape your life in extravagant fashion. In their new showroom you’ll find the sort of women’s shoes and bags that are normally spotted in paparazzi photos behind velvet ropes. Their mission in opening this boutique was to bring select brands to Beijing for the very first time. Brands like Ruthie Davis, Chrissie Morris, and Oscar Tiye (RMB 4,000-12,000) were chosen because these are exclusive designs that sell out abroad very quickly and are coveted by divas and fashion icons alike. 

These shoes and accessories found here are handmade by artisans from around the world, using a variety of exotic materials of the best quality. So, at Harrod & Ji don’t expect to find an all purpose shoe made for everyday use. This is a fashion over function kind of place.

 All of these trending shoes and bags are presented in a comfortable and private venue. The friendly staff are knowledgeable of the inventory and prepared to assist you in finding that perfect handcrafted shoe or bag that fits your shape or personality. If you’re paying these prices, you wouldn’t expect anything less. 

While these types of kicks aren’t for everybody, everything is imported, so you won’t find another store with such a curated collection. All of the bags and shoes from their healthy inventory are sure to make everyone in the room stop and notice, then immediately bite their lips in envy.

Harrod & Ji
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. 1-033, Bldg 5, Shoukai Bojun, 8 Xindong Lu, Chaoyang District (186 1847 5962)
800m northwest of Tuanjiehu (Line 10)

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Photos: Courtesy of Harrod & Ji

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