I’m not a noodle enthusiast, but on the rare occasions that I find myself craving a serving of those wiggling strings, skipping to Parkview Green’s roomy food court is now my plan of action.

Tucked away in the corner you first hear A. Wang Noodle Bar by means of their gigantic sizzling hotplates. As you’re placing your own order peek over and watch the quick-handed cooks toss and chop eggs, vegetables, and aromatically marinated meats along with noodles of varying southeast Asian origin. Dispersed across the menu your fried foods are sorted with deep-fry and stir-fry options galore, in addition to some more health-conscious soups and phos for those who want to indulge a lesser guilty pleasure.

Compared with versions that I’ve enjoyed in Thailand, my Thai Pad Thai with Lemongrass Beef (RMB 38), while oversaturated in lime, didn’t completely lose the very necessary tamarind flavor. For sneaky side dishes we ordered deep fried squid and lobster balls (RMB 10). The lobster broke apart while the squid ball gave my jaw muscles the workout of their life. Seriously, if you ever need to shut someone up, feed him or her a plate of these. Allow A. Wang room for a few more flavor tweaks, and they’re sure to gain oodles of noodle loving fans in no time.

A.Wang Noodle Bar
Daily 10am-10pm. B01, Great Food Town, Parkview Green, 9 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District (182 1110 0368)
200m south of Dongdaqiao (Line 6)

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