The new Salud opened up in December about half a kilometer north and on the same street as their original location. Cheeky move if you ask us. We began fantasizing about another French-flavored bar that blasts out house remixes of Édith Piaf and becomes a hormone fueled meat market at midnight.

Upon arrival, we found a comfortable atmosphere similar to their Nanlougu Xiang location, which many tend to avoid because of the massive crowds and people swerving needed to get there. The new Salud hasn’t deviated much from this formula, with the same laid back atmosphere and a decent selection of cocktails, infusions, and beers to keep any palette satisfied. We sampled the apple margarita (RMB 45) and caipirinha (RMB 40), both were tasty, while not being too sweet. The caipirinha was served on shaved ice, beach bar style, which added to our enjoyment.  

While this Salud is scaled down and will not be able to house live music like its other location, you will find a comfy two stories of lounge space and weekly DJs laying down fist-pumping appropriate music. It is also likely to become a popular spot for those that enjoy the vibe of the original, but get tired of being asked why you live in China by an annoying backpacker.

We’re fairly certain that the Salud brand will be a selling point to many a visitor here. Just don’t expect anything but their drink specials and yet-to-be-seen event programming to keep people coming.

Daily 6pm-3am. 93 Beiluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District 6455 3920
700m northwest of Beixinqiao (Line 5)

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photo: Kipp Whittaker

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