In February, every Tuesday and Friday, head over to BBC (Bottle Boot Cigar) for straight razor shaves. You know, like the ones where they put a steamy hot rag over your face in those gangster movies and then when it’s taken off there is a hit man waiting to whack you in the barber shop.

Well, hopefully this won’t be happening. But we were informed by manager Douglas Williams, that this RMB 200 service includes steamed towel, a pre-shave oil, top shelf shaving cream applied with a badger hair brush, a first and second shave, followed by a cold towel, and then a face massage and after shave.

They will also be serving up a complimentary glass of Town Branch Whiskey to remove some of the nervousness of having a razor blade so close to your jugular vein. Your Gillette safety razor has nothing on this service.

Photo: D'Marge

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