Beijing claims it will establish 400 free Wi-Fi areas using a total of 13,000 access points in order to allow greater connectivity.

These areas will include on and around public transportation, and "where there are large streams of people or prominent public services," such as "an administrative service hall, transport hubs, scenic spots, and museums."

Yeah, whatever. There was the free Wi-Fi that was supposed to be available during the Olympics. That didn't work. There's the free Wi-Fi at the airport, which is spotty at best. There's barely mobile phone reception on the new Beijing Subway lines. Sorry. No. We're not buying it, even if it will supposedly be free.

In fact, while Beijing is blessed with almost ubiquitous free Wi-Fi, it's not due to any government or telecom industry effort. It's because private business owners understand that free Wi-Fi is the new free water -- not everyone will want it, but if they do and you don't provide it, they'll be pissed off.

And if we can point out -- it's interesting that local administrators are using the brand name "Wi-Fi." Many telecom equipment operators -- including Apple -- are not permitted to use the phrase in China, and must substitute "WLAN" instead.

Don't give up your 3G service just yet.

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