You want to be a fashion designer. By nature, you’re a bit unconventional in your approach to your career. Creative expression drives every move you make, and you’re not sure how to get an edge in the fashion industry, how to be noticed by the names that really matter. Have you ever considered going abroad to do an internship in fashion design while living in China?

The fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar international industry whose existence is based on manufacturing and selling clothing items. Fashion designers work hard to put together new designs by thinking outside the box when it comes to apparel, footwear and accessories. The ultimate goal is to make the consumer want to buy your designs. Simple as that.

Wondering what you’ll get out of a fashion design internship in China?

Your internship could be focused on a few different aspects: creative design, PR, marketing and/or merchandising. Marketing is a skill set that is highly valued in the industry, because no matter how amazing your design, your target consumers better buy them if you want a lasting career in fashion design. While working in the industry, you will get hands-on, practical experience in garments and with models while working with the top fashion minds in China and international manufacturing.

You can also expect to learn about the commercial transactions between suppliers and distributors, the process of apparel and style design, phases of production and budgets, omni-channel advertising and marketing, multimedia news coverage of the fashion industry, public and international relations, fashion and pop culture, photography and graphic design.

During the internship program, you will work alongside expert fashion designers, who will help you acquire valuable experience both designing trending fashion items while also developing the advertisements to sell those items. This gives you a more complete picture of the entire process of fashion design, enabling you to explore which facets of the industry fascinate you most.

Does this sound like a dream internship opportunity to you? Then, you’re definitely the perfect candidate for a fashion design internship in China.

Taking that next step towards your internship.

At Next Step China, we do offer fashion design internships, along with dozens of other internships. We have advisors from all walks of life who have been exactly where you are right now, so they can relate to your unique situation and assist you in planning out your internship.

Go ahead and send me an email to [email protected] to ask further questions or find out how you can start planning your internship today. Hope to see you in China!

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