Date: Mar 4th 2014 5:04p.m.
Contributed by: ktschroedes

"I've been slimed!" has been a regularly occurring statement for me. "Slimed" is becoming a common verb. Yesterday a man was walking next to me on the street. He cleared his nasal passages then his throat, turned his head toward me, and promptly spit. That's right. It landed on my foot. My first reaction was, "are you kidding?" but then I thought, with my positive attitude, "I'm so glad it's not hot out or that would have landed on my flip-flop wearing foot".  

Last week I witnessed a child defecating in the metro station behind a pillar. He "slimed" the subway. Over the weekend at an unnamed bar, as a friend was recounting his uber romantic proposal to his now fiancee, a man vomited as he was running toward the restroom. My friend waxing romantic was "slimed" in the process. Over Spring Festival I was so lucky that I caught many young people "sliming" the sidewalks after celebrating a bit too hard.

Is this a recent phenomenon? Do you have a sliming story that can top mine? I find it hard to believe, but I'm willing to let you give it your best shot!  Comment below!

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