Date: Feb 18th 2014 5:09p.m.
Contributed by: cityweekend

Skittles, Snickers, Pop Rocks, and more! Nearly every person's dream, especially for women, is to be surrounded by a land of candy. The Good Boyz have partnered up with Grand Hyatt to present Candy Land  @ G Bar Wednesdays where guests will get to enjoy the full, free buffet of candy with a drink purchase. What's better is that every week the candy theme will change, so more of an incentive to check out each week! Listen to great, deep and funky house tunes from the Good Boyz DJ team.

The grand opening event kicks off tomorrow at 8pm where guests will get to enjoy a free drink upon arrival and frolick in candy in your own kid-in-a-candy-store-moment. Don't worry, it's okay to act like a kid as adult.


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