Parnas was open for barely a year before it closed for “renovations” last November. Rumors have since surfaced that the owners sold the location. Now, the management behind Nali Patio are apparently propping it open in an attempt to prevent the space from appearing like a ghost town, seeing as Parnas took up three floors of the inner courtyard.

Update: Wednesday night and all the lights are on, doors are unlocked, but service is zero with an apologetic "we will be open tomorrow night" said from the one lone server. Peering through the doors the wall that is usually filled with branded spirits holds about six unlabelled dark colored glass bottles (presumably empty) and the counter had about six glasses upturned. 

The restaurant/bar was known for their experimental approach to French cuisine and wild parties featuring hot international DJs. Little from this current incantation seem to reflect the original concept of delicious experimental cuisine or cocktails.

Multiple sources have stated that only the first floor is open for business and there isn’t much in terms of service or drink options. Currently there are about two bartenders on staff, being used to maintain the facade of the brand, so don’t expect a welcoming environment or anything groundbreaking from the current ownership. 

Photo: Parnas, Erin Strong

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