Date: Mar 4th 2014 1:20p.m.
Contributed by: ktschroedes

On March 1, the European Chamber of Commerce threw a very high-class espionage-laced Secret Service Gala held at the W Hotel, with men resembling James Bond and women dressed to kill. Secret gadgets were given out in goodie bags and a search for a secret agent wielded some amazing prizes to some lucky investigators. Drinks flowed as guests tried their Casino Royale hand at roulette after dining on a meal meant to keep everyone's energy high for later top secret activities. Sexy dancers in silhouette made the gala feel like it was actually immersed in the opening of every James Bond fantasy.

Silhouetted dancers really make the James Bond theme!

If you think you missed the best event in Guangzhou to date, keep scrolling down to see why you may be kicking yourself!

Shaken, not stirred

The James Bonds of Guangzhou

We're all Bond...

Conspiring their next secret agent moves...

Where are the martinis?

Looks like SHE is the secret agent!

Just a couple of regular dudes surrounded by Bond Babes!

We look like we're having a good time but we're actually planning our next mission

James Bond looks dashing in red!

Not even a broken foot could keep this Bond Babe away!

Secret Agents!

What do you think these two are planning? Espionage!

No golden guns but they made it work!

A little Casino Royale!

She has these two secret agents telling her the top secrets!

These guests solved the mystery and won some lavish prizes!

Are YOU the secret agent?


Photos courtesy of Don Seno

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