Date: Feb 28th 2014 1:14p.m.
Contributed by: lisa_gay

The collective of translators at Paper Republic work in the literary realm, so if you are a Chinese publisher looking to expand abroad, these are the people you should talk to. Those researching the Chinese publishing market can also receive translated author biographies and bibliographies.

If you need a legal document translated, the team at Boblegal has you covered. They specialize in legal translation, with most translators having some degree of legal training. They also accept financial, business and technical documents at a slight discount to published prices. English to Chinese translations are ¥260 per hour; Chinese to English ¥260. Japanese, Korean and most Western European languages are also available, although for higher prices.

Star Translation was originally established in Shanghai in 1992, but they’ve since branched out with an office in Beijing. They specialize in business topics, handling contracts, annual reports, feasibility studies, brochures and bidding documents. Prices are US$60 per page ($70 for technical and $80 for legal documents). Non-English languages are offered at a 30-percent surcharge. Past clients inclue Apple Computer, Coca-Cola, Nike and Western Union. 

Global Bridge  will handle translations for everything from visa applications to insurance policies to scientific papers and offer translations in a diverse range of languages, including Romanian, Vietnamese, Swahili, Polish and Lao, among others.

If you have medical documents, TCM papers and medical journal articles or even papers on veterinary medicine, try the Beijing Xinglin Medtrans Centre. They support translation to and from English, Korean, Japanese and most Western European languages. 

For more personalized service, try Manjusaka Translation, run by a published translator based out of Dongcheng. While the company translates more prosaic documents like resume and reference letters, they also do work for a host of cultural industries. They translate literary works (especially children’s literature), film and ...

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