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Six more stations were added to the list of stops that will restrict passenger inflow during peak hours on the Beijing Subway officials announced over the weekend.

That makes 61 stations in town that now are subject to lines to get into subway during peak hours, and another reason to quit your job and move to Bali ask your boss for flextime hours.

New stations on the inflow restriction list include Guomao and Jintaixizhao on Line 10 (morning and evening); Sanyuanqiao on Line 10 (evening only); Yonganli on Line 1 (evening only); Gucheng on Line 1 (morning only); and Fengtai Science Park on Line 9 (evening only).

The dual forces of increased concern about crowd control as a result of the Shanghai New Year's Eve stampede and the opening of several new lines December 28 led officials to make the decision. That merely means that human stampedes will happen outside the stations instead of inside them, but that's a matter for another day.

In the meantime, here's a handy chart of the stations where you may need to stand in line outside the station in order to get in:


Line Station Time
Line 1 Pingguoyuan, Gucheng 6.30-9am
  Sihui East 7-9.30am
  Sihui 7-9.30am, 4-8pm 
  Bajiao Amusement Park 6.30-9am
  Babaoshan 7-8.30am
  Gongzhufen 7-9am
  Fuxingmen 5-7pm
  Yonganli 5.30-7.30pm
Line 2 Chaoyangmen 4.30-7pm
Line 5 All Stations between Tiantongyuan North and Huixinxijie Beikou (Tiantongyuan North, Tiantongyuan, Tiantongyuan South, Lishuiqiao, Lishuiqiao South, Beiyuanlu North, Datunlu East, Huixinxijie Beikou); All stations between Ciqikou and Songjiazhuang (Ciqikou, Tiantandongmen, Puhuangyu, Liujiayao, Songjiazhuang) 7-9am
  Huixinxijie Nankou, Dongdan 7-9am, 5-7pm
Line 6 All stations between Hujialou and Caofang (Hujialou, Jintailu, Shilipu, Qingnianlu, Dalianpo, Huangqu, Changying, Caofang) 7-9am
Yizhuang Line Jiugong 7-9am
Line 9 Beijing West Railway Station, Liuliqiao East 7-9am
  Fengtai Science Park 5-7pm
Line 10 Jinsong, Shuangjing 7.30-9am, 5.30-7.30pm
  Liangmaqiao 6-7pm
  Sanyuanqiao 5.30-7.30pm
  Guomao, Jintaixizhao 7.30-9am, 5-7pm
Line 13 Shangdi 7-9am
  Huoying 7.30-9am
  Huilongguan 7-9.15am
  Longze 7.30-9.15am
  Wudaokou 5-7pm
Batong Line All stations between Communication University and Liyuan (Communication University, Shuangqiao, Guanzhuang, Baliqiao, Tongzhoubeiyuan, Guoyuan, Jiukeshu, Liyuan) 7-9am
Changping Line Xi’erqi 7-9am, 5-7.30pm
  Zhuxinzhuang 7-9am
  Life Science Park 6.40-9am
  Shahe 6.40-9.30am
  Nanshao 6.30-8.30am

Photo: news.china.com


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