Foreign journalists gathered at The Bookworm Thursday night to remember the victims of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, which killed ten magazine staff and two police officers. 

The event was organized by Foreign Correspondents' Club of China President Peter Ford, who notified other members via Twitter

Attendees, including former CNN Beijing bureau chief Jaime Florcruz, held up signs that said "I Am Charlie," the phrase that quickly emerged to express solidarity with the satire magazine's staff, along with its Chinese translation. A photo of the event showed a room full of supporters.

China has officially condemned the attack on the magazine, believed to have occurred because it published cartoons believed by some Muslims to insult the Prophet Muhammad. Along with the 12 killed in the initial shootings, the shooting of a police officer in northern France is also believed to be connected to the incident.

Photo: European Pressphoto Agency

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