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Patrick Young chose our one-on-one tutoring program to learn Mandarin and for good reason. For his needs, the tutoring program was ideal for him because he was able to hone his Mandarin with a tutor who could focus solely on his weak points and broaden his areas of study beyond grammar into other aspects of the Chinese language.

Here are some highlights from his experience that may help you decide whether or not a tutoring program would be a good fit for you.

Socialization. When doing the one-on-one tutoring program students are not isolated. As Patrick mentioned, you will get to interact with other university students and other young people just like you. It’s not about cloistering yourself in a classroom with a tutor but about studying hard and then getting out in the real world to practice what you learned.

Less Commuting. Patrick compared the tutoring program to the university programs that some of his peers are taking and emphasized that he’s happy to spend less time commuting around the city than a typical university student. He chose to have classes in his apartment, which was very convenient.

Practicing Mandarin. Just after leaving classes, Patrick often practiced his Mandarin in public places and with other locals. This helped him mentally imprint what he learned in classes. Nothing quite like real world experience, no matter how great the teacher.

Understanding Tutor. Patrick felt that his tutor adapted the curriculum and teaching style to meet his fluency level. This made Patrick’s classes much more effective than if he had been in a classroom setting with a couple dozen other students. The one-on-one approach worked best for him.

Beyond the Basics. One of the aspects that Patrick really enjoyed was learning more than the basics. He also had a chance to learn Mandarin through the lens of the Chinese culture, especially because he was living in the midst of bustling Beijing. He even had a chance to brush up on his calligraphy.

With the tutoring program, I was very happy. I really enjoyed my tutor. I thought she quickly understood the level that I was at when I came here. She took about a week to just review and get back into everything and then she stepped it up to a higher level of where I should be, which I was very happy about. I feel like, in general, things got done with Next Step China. — Patrick Young from California, USA

Are you ready to take that next step towards a tutoring program in China? Go ahead and check out some other testimonials from our students and contact us for more details about planning your unique experience in China.

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