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A Fu is a special dog. We knew she was special from the very beginning. 

It was a typical cold winter morning last February when the nurses of Doctors Beck and Stone International Pet Hospital found the small black and white dog curled up by the hospital gate. 

Thinking she was just another stray in need, they offered her food and water, but soon they discovered that the poor creature had a badly injured leg – x-rays revealed that she had suffered a massive pelvic fracture possibly caused by a road accident.

Somehow this amazing dog had managed to find her way to a pet hospital for help, and she would go on to prove herself even more extraordinary. 

A Fu spent a total of four months with Doctors Beck and Stone. Her fracture recovered very well within six weeks and then she began the long waiting period for adoption. 

Unfortunately there were no takers. 

The nurses contacted Cuddles International Pet Resort for help because A Fu had become uncomfortable in her confined environment. We gladly took her in so that she could play and interact with other dogs while we tried to find her a new loving home.  

We were quickly impressed by her intelligence. A Fu picks up tricks in seconds and is super fun with all the games. She has an amazingly sweet and playful nature, making her a great dog for kids – we’ve had children at the kennel who were very scared of dogs at first but quickly learned to love her and now come back every week to play with her. 

A Fu is also very sweet to other dogs. We had a very weak Husky suffering from Addison Disease who would not eat anything. We let A Fu play with him and after ten minutes the owner was astonished to see his dog starting to compete with A Fu for dog treats. 

Given her beautiful personality, we decided to keep A Fu as Cuddles official healer dog. Our canine trainer is training her to be a therapy dog so she can help autistic children, kids in orphanages, and lonely people in need of some therapeutic canine company. 

The Chinese character “Fu” (福) means “blessing,” “good luck” and “happiness.” A Fu is indeed one lucky dog and we are even luckier to have her at Cuddles International Pet Resort. It has been wonderful to witness her healing magic and the joy and delight she brings to others.

Cuddles International Pet Resort welcomes everyone to visit us to meet and play with A Fu. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding the healing projects that we provide. 

“At Cuddles, we believe passion is the most important ingredient to happiness and success for any career. Without passion, knowledge and money will become tasteless.”

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