Whether you thought Lucy was a wickedly cool promo film for Taipei, or only watched it because you thought this was the film Scarlett Johansson got naked in (that movie is called Under the Skin), you might be interested to know that its director Luc Besson will chair the unimportant jury at the Beijing International Film Festival, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The festival takes place April 16-23 this year, and has emerged as a major showcase event in what is now the world's bona fide number two cinema market. It's a fairly glitzy event that so far has brought a number of A-list Hollywood names to Beijing, including James Cameron, Keanu Reeves, and Oliver Stone.

Besson and his fellow jurors, who have not yet been revealed, will choose ten Tiantian (Temple of Heaven) awards. The French director also directed The Fifth Element and The Big Blue.

Lucy took in USD 20 million in China during its opening weekend, half of its reported production budget. We're not sure if local box office success equates to a jury invitation, but it probably can't hurt.

Photo: Wikipedia

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