Perhaps you are one of those crazy running types or maybe you are an inveterate couch potato that has recently made a foolish new year's resolution to run a marathon this year. Whatever your running fetish is, never fear: China's got a race for you, with more than 50 marathons to choose from in 2015.

IAAF certified events include the recently completed Xiamen International Marathon, as well as the Yangzhou International Half Marathon (April 19); the Dongying Yellow River International Marathon (April 26); the Lanzhou International Marathon (June 13); the Beijing International Marathon (Oct 18) and the Shanghai International Marathon (TBA, sometime in November).

And if you're just f***ing insane you can attempt the Guizhou Qiandongnan 100km Challenge in November where you will run about 2-1/2 marathons over the course of 3 days.

Below is a chart of the officially sanctioned events from the Chinese Athletic Association plus a couple more we found. When we found a registration website, we've linked to it below. Most are in English but note that most that are happening in the second half of the year have yet to update their race information for 2015.

Happy running, don't break a leg and get planning now so you'll be in shape when race day comes.

Month Date Name City Province
JAN 3 Xiamen International (IAAF Gold) Xiamen Fujian
  11 R&F Haikou Marathon Haikou Hainan
MAR 14 Kunming High Altitude International Half Marathon Kunming Yunnan
  15 Wuxi International Wuxi Jiangsu
  22 Chongqing International Chongqing Chongqing
  22 Fuzhou 12-Hour Challenge Fuzhou Fujian
  29 Zheng Kai International Zhengzhou, Kaifeng Henan
  29 Suzhou Jinji Lake International Half Marathon Suzhou Jiangsu
APR 19 Yangzhou International Half Marathon (IAAF Gold) Yangzhou Jiangsu
  19 Jinshanling Great Wall Marathon Jinshanling Beijing
  25 Shangri-La Marathon Kawagarbo Yunnan
  26 Dongying Yellow River International (IAAF Silver) Dongying Shandong
  26 Yangling Nongke City Yangling Shaanxi
  26 Lanling Half Marathon Lanling Shandong
  TBA Beijing International Long-Distance Running Festival Beijing Beijing
MAY 9 Dalian International Dalian Liaoning
  17 Yingkou Bayuquan International Half Marathon Yingkou Liaoning
  31 Dandong Yalu River International Dandong Liaoning
  31 Qinhuangdao Qinhuangdao Hebei
JUN 13 Lanzhou International (IAAF Bronze) Lanzhou Gansu
  28 Guiyang International Guiyang Guizhou
JUL 19 Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Marathon Xiwuqi, Xilinhot Inner Mongolia
  19 Zhangjiakou Kangbao Grassland International Zhangjiakou Hebei
AUG 8 Liangdu Liupanshui Summer International Liupanshui Sichuan
SEP 5 Helong International Half Marathon Helong Jilin
  19 Hengshui Lake International Hengshui Hebei
  22 Guizhou Huangguoshu International Half Marathon Anshun Guizhou
  26 Yunnan Shuifu International Half Marathon Shuifu Yunnan
  TBA Taiyuan International Taiyuan Shanxi
OCT 18 Beijing International (IAAF Gold) Beijing Beijing
  24 Yunnan - Qiubei Marathon Quibei Yunnan
  25 Lianyungang International Lianyungang Jiangsu
  25 Hefei International Hefei Anhui
  TBA Tianjin International Tianjin Tianjin
NOV 1 Hangzhou International Hangzhou Zhejiang
  6-8 Guizhou Qiandongnan 100km Challenge Qiandongnan Guizhou
  8 Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Xichang Sichuan
  20 Haikou International Beach Marathon Haikou Hainan
  TBA Shanghai International (IAAF Gold) Shanghai Shanghai
DEC 6 Guangzhou International Guangzhou Guangdong
  6 Shenzhen International Shenzhen Guangdong
  12 Nanning International Half Marathon Nanning Guangxi
  20 Hainan Danzhou International Danzhou Hainan
  TBA Zhuhai International Half Marathon Zhuhai Guangdong


Image: Jinshanling Great Wall International Marathon

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