Sanlitun’s grungy southern belt has a shiny new spot adorning its strip. In between small bars and weary looking apartments, a bright bento box of straw colored wood and tatami mats has taken shape as Baoli Ramen.

Slide through the doors and sit down around the sturdy bench. If you come as a group, you might be lucky enough to nab the only indoor table available (during warmer weather their outdoor deck is going to provide a lot more seating options).

An auspicious Manaki Neko cat guards the open kitchen where sounds and smells of hotplates and boiling broths drift over the divide and surround patrons. Ramen is the biggest player here with a current tally of eight pork, seafood, or combinatory flavors. Belly-warming pig bone with soy sauce ramen (RMB 46) with piquant ginger, salty seaweed sheets and slivers of melt-in-your-mouth pork lying on top worked a treat at keeping the brutal Beijing winds at bay. For a little more heat the pork fried with kimchi (RMB 28) left a slight tingle on the tongue, and boasting a supremely generous pork-to-cabbage ratio, it made for quite a substantial side dish. 

Baoli Ramen
Daily 10am-2am. 32 Sanlitun Nan (west of Sanlitun Police Station), Chaoyang District (151 1022 9981)
800m west of Tuanjiehu station (Line 10)

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