Date: Mar 3rd 2014 1:55p.m.
Contributed by: lisa_gay

This formerly Canadian bar underwent a month-long renovation recently; the new interior has a sleek feel that elevates it above simple pub offerings. The mix of beers on the menu is no longer quite as interesting as before. Moosehead isn’t readily available, although bottles of Brooklyn Lager (RMB32) are still in stock. Otherwise, the beer offerings are similar to other bars in the area. There is a basic selection of mixed drinks; the gin and tonic is a bargain at RMB25. The whiskey selection is extensive and cheap.

The Box has changed their food menu in a clear attempt to attract female clientele. Their most popular burgers, chicken wings and poutine are joined by lighter options, like salads and pita sandwiches, filled with healthy ingredients like smoked salmon and avocados. The Box is no longer overtly Canadian, but is branching out to appeal to a more diverse crowd with their café-style makeover and eclectic menu.


Our Rating: 3.5/5 stars



What: The Box

Where: 5 Qianmachang Hutong, Jiugulou Dajie, 旧鼓楼大街前马厂胡同5号

Tel: 6401-3293


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