2014 is in the bucket and the data is in ... so here's our Top 25 posts of 2014, ranked by virality.

We computed virality using two data points from Google Analytics: Unique Visits to a post and the average time spent viewing the post. Multiplying these figures gives us an indication that not only was the post clicked on a lot, but it was actually read as well.

Exactly 2,265 posts went live in 2014, so this 25 represents a little more than 1% of the total. Here they are, along with the month that they appeared:

1. French School Teens Believed Aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight (March)

2. Lactating Mom Sex Ring Uncovered in Beijing (June)

3. Japanese AV star Sola Aoi Shoots New Film with Plastered T (April)

4. Add to Your Summer Bucket List: Watch Korean Dramas (June)

5. MH 370 Passengers Listed on Manifest Found in Thailand (March)


6. Expat Dog Owner Left Traumatized After Pet Beated to Death in Front of Him (May)

7. American at Center of Foster Children Saga Defends Himself (December)

8. Police Bust Drug Ring, 10 Foreigners Arrested (May)

9. Former Beijing Expat Schoolteacher Sentenced to 12 Years in Jail (January)

10. The Results of the Beijinger's 2014 Reader Restaurant Awards (March)


11. Over 60 Foreign Models Arrested in Beijing (May)

12. Jason Statham Stars in Movie for Chinese Audiences (August)

13. Why You Should Carry Your Passport This Weekend (February)

14. Expats in China: 3/4 Male and Illiterate (November)

15. Hiring Standards Get Tougher for Foreign Teachers (September)


16. Talking Tunes: Strawberry Music Festival 2014 (March)

17. It's Official: Beijing Subway to Change to Distance-Based Pricing (March)

18. 33-year-old Woman Crushed to Death on Subway Line 5 (November)

19. Random Drug Test at Two Kolegas Nets 30 (August)

20. Who is Ray Wigdal? Contrasting Views of Missing Foster Father (December)


21. Shunyi Foster Parent Disappears After Dropping Ill Child at Hospital (December)

22. Chinese Girlfriends' Top 10 Complaints About their Expat Boyfriends (July)

23. Girl at Center of American Foster Parent Drama Dies (December)

24. Viral Video: Happy Beijing (February)

25. 10 Things You Should Know About Health in Beijing: Good, Bad and Weird (July)

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