Date: Mar 3rd 2014 12:44p.m.
Contributed by: chelseastone

While you may not be finding too much domestic Chinese coverage of Saturday's knife attack in Kunming that left 33 people dead and at least 113 injured, Western media news sources are reporting on the incident nearly non-stop -- perhaps you already know this from all the panicked Skype calls and Facebook messages you've been receiving from friends and family back home. 


Western news outlets aren't the only ones to be flooding the internet with content. Chinese netizens reflect on and react to both the incident itself as well as the reaction of Chinese and Western news media. Check out a cross section of Chinese netizen reactions at Buzzfeed, translated and containing the original Chinese posts as well.


What was your reaction to Saturday's attack? Did you find any interesting reactions on Weibo? Hear any interesting reactions from Chinese friends and coworkers? 

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