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You want to learn Mandarin Chinese, but you don’t have the time or funds to go abroad to study Chinese in China. Are you stuck with muddling through a Rosetta Stone program? Will you be searching many online sites that “teach Chinese,” so you can piece together your own study program? Do you not have the time to go look up a Chinese tutor at your local university? Want to pick up some Chinese before you take that next vacation in China? You’re not alone. There’s a better, faster way to learn Chinese at your own pace and at a reasonable price.

We have met many young people, busy professionals and students who could not participate in on-site programs to learn Chinese in China. Due to the capabilities of the internet to bring our worlds closer together, it has become easier than ever to develop your Mandarin Chinese speaking and writing skills. That’s why we developed an online Chinese learning program.

Finding the right online program to accomplish your goals is crucial to learning Chinese fast. Whether you are a busy high school or university student new to the language or whether you are a working professional who wants to brush up on their Chinese before that next business trip, an online learning program would be a great fit for you.

With an online Chinese learning program, you get flexible hours tailored to your work or study schedule. You get the one-on-one attention you need to work on your weak points and not waste your time on things you’ve already learned. Audio and video chat formats are both available to suit your learning style. Personalized to your previous knowledge of the language.

After a few weeks in an online Chinese learning program, you can learn up to 100 new Chinese characters, which takes most study abroad students about half a semester in university. Not only will you learn Mandarin quickly, but you can start learning right away—no travel necessary, and no waiting for a new semester to start.

The best part of the online Chinese learning program is that you get to meet some top notch tutors that are selected to meet your learning style and what you need to work on. Finding a great Chinese tutor often results in trial-and-error if you’re going at the selection process on your own, so it’s key to find a trustworthy program that does the hard part of finding and screening tutors for you. Each tutor in an online program should be qualified, professional, and passionate about teaching Chinese as a second language. Online learning is very different from learning face-to-face, and tutors should have experience teaching in an online format.

Not everyone has the resources or the time to study abroad in China, and that’s okay. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn Mandarin if they so choose. If you are eager to begin learning Chinese in the comfort of your own home with a qualified tutor, then check out our options here.

We’re not the only ones offering online Chinese learning programs, but of course, we believe in our program, can vouch for our tutors and have worked with hundreds of Mandarin learners just like you. Let us know if you have any questions about online Chinese learning programs or if you would like to find out how you can start learning Chinese today.

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