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This post is sponsored by Cuddles International Pet Resort, a world-class and convenient commercial kennel where Beijing pet owners can keep their furry friends whenever they travel.


Much as we love going on long vacations, there is always that nagging fear something awful may have befallen your pet back home – especially over the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays.

In this week’s post, Cuddles International Pet Resort General Manager Joanna Hu answers some FAQ’s about how their canine guests spend a Merry Christmas at one of Beijing’s premier boarding kennels.

Q: It has been windy and cold in Beijing recently, how are the boarding animals dealing with the winter at Cuddles?
We have heating since early November and we constantly monitor the room temperature to keep it around 18-20 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal temperature range for indoor dogs in terms of skin and coat health. Although it can be a little bitter outside, our animals are cozy and warm indoors.

Q: Do the animals get any special Christmas treats?
All of our boarding animals receive a special gift (i.e. a favorite doggie treat) on Christmas day, and Cuddles members get a free bath beforehand.

Q: Do you also hold a Christmas party?
Certainly! We celebrate with Cuddles Christmas Games. There are fun sporty games for staff and their favorite animals. And delicious prizes to be won. It’s always a wonderful day!

Q: What is your Christmas wish?
We wish all our clients and pets a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We also wish them good health and to have a healthy appetite year round. It has been a privilege to meet and to be able to take care of all the lovely animals, and it is such an honor to be entrusted by our clients. Everyday we enjoy being with our animals. Playing with them is the highlight of our daily work, and being loved back by these animals is the most satisfying part of the job. 

“At Cuddles, we believe passion is the most important ingredient to happiness and success for any career. Without passion, knowledge and money will become tasteless.”

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Photos: Courtesy of Cuddles International Pet Resort

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