Date: Feb 20th 2014 11:52a.m.
Contributed by: amesterdance

Amidst all of the prostitution rings that have emblazened the headlines all over China regarding the huge sex ring bust in Dongguan, Xinhua reports that China's Ministry of Public Security to be more aggressive on cracking down on pornography and sex selling while promoting socialist values. Since the beginning of the week, according to the Ministry, 701 suspects and 73 gangs have been busted in Southern China. Meanwhile in northeast China in, Heilongjiang Province, other prositution rings have been sought out where over 4,800 police officers raided more than 2,700 hotels and sauna rooms, checked 1,600 vehicles and investigated 2,700 people.

The Ministry is determined to drill core socialist values into citizens reminding them that the, "core socialist values include national goals of prosperity, democracy, civility and harmony; social goals of freedom, equality, justice and the rule of law; and individual values of patriotism, dedication, integrity and friendship." 

Since the outlawing of prostitution in China had been put in action in 1949, while there isn't any evidence, there has been speculation that, "the local police have been protecting the sex trade...stimulating local consumption and brings about job opportunities." Therefore, authorities have been targeting "protective umbrellas" of the sex industry being the key to its operation.

In response, the MPS on Sunday told police nationwide to severely punish those found guilty of misconduct and malpractice, as well as those who break laws while in charge of enforcement.

"Our government should ponder on effective ways to eliminate the root cause of prostitution," said Zhu Lijia, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance.

Zhu said it is time for the government to find institutional solutions to the problem, as nearly two decades of crackdowns have not stopped the sex trade from growing.

"No matter who ...

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