Date: Feb 24th 2014 11:01a.m.
Contributed by: cityweekend

An event full of James Bonds and lots of Bond Women? Whether your style be like Daniel Craig, Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan, experience a sleek and sensuous, yet adventurous evening of pseudo-espionage at the On European Chamber's Secret Service Gala on March 1st at the W Hotel.

Join in the beauteous and chic event where you can dine on delectably great Bond favorites and get yourself unlimited shaken, not-stirred martinis all night evening, or even if you don't fancy martinis, you can still have free-flow of drinks all night long. Also, follow in with some great dancing as well as fun and surprising entertainment all night long!

Buy your tickets online today on the event page where you can easily pay via PayPal or Alipay. Whichever strikes your fancy. Then have them shipped straight to your door or held at the door!  It's easy as one-two-three! 

Or you can buy them on our ticketing hotline and pay by cash! It's that easy! Don't wait until the last minute as tickets are limited!

Ticketing hotline:

English Service: 18611791734

Chinese Service: 15013280438



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