Reservations for Guo'an 2015 season tickets kicked off this morning, and you better act fast if you're nuts for Chinese pro football as they'll only be on offer for two days.

This year the club will sell a maximum of 26,201 season tickets and a sellout is likely, as last year Guo'an's average attendance was 39,395 per game, surpassing even some of the major football clubs of Europe.

Prices are RMB 700 for the corner and upper stands, RMB 800 for the sideline and midfield stands and RMB 1,000 for the premium stands. This gets you access to all Guo'an home games in 2015 except for AFC Champions League knock-out stage games (if Guo'an makes it that far). That's a minimum of 19 games and at most 27 games if Guo'an makes a deep run in all their potential playoff scenarios.  

Though the official how-to guide says a Chinese ID is required to make a season ticket reservation, we double-checked Guo'an’s ticketing office and they confirmed that a foreign passport number can be used as well. However, you'll need to make the reservation in person.

To make a reservation you will need to bring your passport and a digital headshot in JPG format not larger than 500k to the office of the Guo'an Fans’ Club, which is located at the Worker’s Stadium Stand 3. This special service will only be available today and tomorrow from 9am to 5pm.

Chinese citizens can book online at

If you have more questions, you can call 400 617 3003.

A reservation merely gets you into the lottery for season tickets; if fewer than 26,201 reserve, you're golden  if not, you're entered in a lottery that will take place December 27 (the result will be posted on

The good news is that the lottery is unlikely to be as intense as previous ones since this year’s season tickets have been made untransferable in order to cut down on ticket scalping. So remember that you will not be able to transfer your season ticket to anybody else throughout the season, for whatever reasons.  

If by chance you lose out in the lottery, you will still have a shot as you will be put onto a waitlist in the event lottery-winners don't pay for their season tickets by the December 30 deadline.

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