, the China branch of, launched a much-improved English interface last week, finally giving expats without a strong grasp of Chinese access to a world of products -- Kindles and imported books among them.

Coupled with the company's Cash on Delivery policy, it makes e-commerce for the Chinese illiterate infinitely easier.

Some issues remain -- such as the vast majority of product descriptions still being Chinese-only and buttons and sort bars still not fully translated, but the shopping cart and checkout functions are all there, so ordering is a breeze.

Here's a couple of items to get you started: imported books for under RMB 50; order a Kindle Fire for delivery tomorrow; stock up on more than a dozen brands of Tequila; get a batch of pollution masks; or show support for Ukraine's crumbling economy by purchasing products imported from that country here.

Have fun indulging in shopping bliss and tell us how it went for you in the comments below.

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