Date: Feb 25th 2014 4:43p.m.
Contributed by: cityweekend_sh

City Weekend's annual Art & Writing competition had one sweet theme this year: inside a Candy Factory. After drooling over the most scrumptious chocolate bars, delectable marshmallows, and savory candies, it was hard to decide our winners in this delicious competition between students from all over Shanghai and Beijing.


We received over 950 entries this year from Shanghai alone, and after much deliberation, we determined 82 finalists and crowned 33 students Kings and Queens of the Candy Factory. You can look forward to our next Art & Writing Competition’s theme to be announced in September 2014.


For now, check out the complete list of winners and honorees here:


Ages 2-5 Group

Winner: Class des Grenouilles, Peekaboo Kindergarten

1st Runner Up: Busy Bee class 1, Busy Bee Education

2nd Runner Up: Elaine Tan, SUIS 

Honorable Mention: Brayden Chuang, SUIS


Age 6 Group

Winner: Coco, SUIS

1st Runner Up: Hyun Jung, SUIS

2nd Runner Up: Cherry Sun, SUIS

Honorable Mention: Shirley, SUIS


Age 7 Group

Winner: Bertille Teisseire, Lycee

1st Runner Up: Andrea Powell, SCIS

2nd Runner Up: Eason Lu, SSIS

3rd Runner Up: Hannah, SSIS


Age 8 Group

Winner: Theophile Oubrier, Lycee

1st Runner Up: Jiwoo Kim, CISS

2nd Runner Up: Shu Yong Tan, Dulwich

Honorable Mention: Emily Chang, CISS

Honorable Mention: Fifi Wang, YCIS


Age 9 Group

Winner: Maggie, SSIS

1st Runner Up: Dabin Namgoung, Dulwich

2nd Runner Up: Jenny Wang, SUIS

Honorable Mention: Lee Chae Yeun, SSIS


Age 10 Group

Winner: Cindy Wang, Dulwich

1st Runner Up: Mong Koo, SCIS

2nd Runner Up: Lee Jeong Ah (Alice), SSIS

Honorable Mention: Yu Shu Ji (Rebecca), SSIS


Age 11-13

Winner: Joyce Shi, SUIS

1st Runner Up: Christa, SUIS

2nd Runner Up: Clara, SUIS

Honorable Mention: Pauline and Pippa, SUIS


Age 14+

Winner: Kerry Yu, SUIS

1st Runner Up: Oria Zhang, SUIS ...

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