If some of the air purifiers currently in the market are out of your price range, then you might just be in luck as mobile phone manufacturer, Xiaomi will be launching their new, sleek purifier today (Dec 16) for only RMB 899. Venturing out to produce tech gizmos has become something of a trend with the company as they now have routers, a blood pressure measurement kit, a smart TV, a tablet device, battery packs, and a fitness band.

This move comes as Xiaomi is want to replicate its successful business model in other technology based sectors according to a report on Techcrunch (VPN needed). As winter sinks in and temperatures dip the use of more energy produces higher AQI indices readings and the need to get purifiers intensifies. This new product has a dual fan and four air ducts that are meant to produce 10,000 liters of clean air per minute. The company says that it can filter unto 99.99 percent of PM 2.5 air particles (this however remains to be independently tested).

The appliance will be remote controlled via an accompanying smartphone app (Android compatible) that will send alerts such as a need to replace a filter to your phone (if you allow notifications to be switched on). Also, there’s going to be real-time air quality monitoring in the room that this is set up, and auto speeds. The one thing that’s a drawback for most air purifiers is manually changing the dials from low to high and vice versa.

The product will be only available in China first before a slowly making its way worldwide.

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Images: Techcrunch

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