Date: Feb 27th 2014 1:12p.m.
Contributed by: chelseastone

Shanghai! Don't forget Mardi Gras just because it's a weekday event! Whether you celebrate with piles of pancakes slathered in sticky sweet maple syrup, a night of mischievous marauding, or an all-out, no-holds-barred evening-til-the-early-morn debaucherous diversion, don't wait for Fat Tuesday to get your sinning in before Lent -- get your party started this weekend with Shanghai's mardi gras offerings.


On Friday night, come down to the Bund for el Willy's Brazilian Carnival. They're offering food & drink specials as well as festive musical and dance performances. Check out the package pricing.


On Saturday night, continue your Mardi Gras celebrations Southern-style at Changle Lu's Southern Belle. Their Hurricanes (dangerously delicious) will be 25% off, and RMB100 gets you a Southern down-home style buffet. 


Who else is hosting Mardi Gras events this weekend? Post your event on CW and then leave us the link in the comments!

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