The year is drawing to a close, and once again we wanted to look at the people who are helping to shape our lives here in Beijing. So we looked at the artists, the chefs, the entrepreneurs, and a whole lot of other people who are making their mark on the city – and on us and our lifestyle – and put together this look at 10 individuals who are giving it their all. Each one of them is a true Beijinger, regardless of the length of their stay: creative, determined, and hard-working.

Lin Lin Jacobs
Executive Director/Co-founder, Jellymon

After 15 months of sweat and blood, 2014 saw the ever dynamic Lin Lin Jacobs and her team finally finish the restoration of her Re-Up project. Deep in the hutongs of Dashilan’r, the space includes a roof-top urban farm and the popular café Spoonful of Sugar on the ground floor. “We hosted the first Kinfolk exhibition in China with a seasonal menu during Beijing Design Week this year, and continue to work with culinary, artistic and musical talents around the world to design a fun, sensual experience around green and responsible living.” Elsewhere, Lin Lin’s creative agency Jellymon helped their client Red Bull successfully launch the first Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Beijing.

When asked what keeps her excited about being in Beijing, she comments: “This city is uncompromisingly honest. I work really hard and go away at least once a month just to keep interested. Beijing is the kind of city that I would do a lot behind the scenes just to see the curl on the corner of her lips.”

Photo: Mitchell Pe Masilun/the Beijinger

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