Cuddles International Pet Resort

This post is sponsored by Cuddles International Pet Resort, a world-class and convenient commercial kennel where Beijing pet owners can keep their furry friends whenever they travel.

As a world-class commercial boarding kennel, Cuddles International Pet Resort goes to great lengths to provide a happy, healthy, and safe boarding experience for your furry friend. 

Feeding times take place at set hours – 8am for breakfast and 5pm for dinner – and pet owners are requested to prepare sufficient amounts of the dry and wet food for the entire boarding period to ensure their beloved companions do not experience any health issues or dietary disruptions. Special dietary requests can also be made when you make a reservation. 

The rest of the day consists of a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor activities. Weather permitting, animals are allowed to run and play outside with other boarders in the mornings after breakfast. This is followed by a cozy nap in the kennel house, before they are let out again for more outdoor fun in the afternoon. 

Time is also set aside in the afternoon for private training courses with Cuddle’s expert canine trainers who can teach your dog to do a variety of fun tricks and desired behaviors. Afternoons are also the time when staff keepers and vet nurses groom the animals and clean their eyes and ears.

Once a week, before the dinner, when the lighting is soft and pleasant, Cuddle has photo sessions for each and every one of the furry residents. These fun and cute moments are photographed and posted online so owners can see how their pets are doing while they are away. 

Night times are pleasantly quiet and peaceful as Cuddles International Pet Resort is located in a very private area with minimal noise in the neighborhood. There are always at least two staff members on duty overnight to deal with any emergency issues and to help with early and late check-ins and check-outs. 

“At Cuddles, we believe passion is the most important ingredient to happiness and success for any career. Without passion, knowledge and money will become tasteless.”

Cuddles International Pet Resort
Liqiaocun, Liqiao Zhen, Shunyi District (189 1125 6624)

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WeChat ID: Cuddlespet

Photos: Courtesy of Cuddles International Pet Resort

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