Keep your eyes and ears open this weekend, because some of the biggest players in Beijing will be painting the town brown with their fantastic tunes and parties. Here are our suggestions to keep your thirsts for supernatural sonic activity quenched as the week meets its maker. Also, check out our newsletter for more music and entertainment tips to absolutely cram into the criminal 52 hours we call a weekend.

DEC 12: Nova Heart Album Release
Nova Heart's music has taken them all over the world. It says a lot when a band can have such a huge impact through expounding their prophetically dark waves of psychedelia to the deepest corners of the planet's collective consciousness without actually possessing a full length document of their achievements.

That’s all about to change after this weekend. They have finally finished their long awaited debut full length album, and are ready to celebrate with a full on assault of the senses. Join them at Yugong Yishan this Friday (Dec 12), with supporting acts Whai, and The Big Wave for an extraordinary hallucinogenic journey, from which you may never return. Tickets are RMB 80 and it all gets started at 9.30pm.

DEC 13-14: Fake Fuzz Fest
This weekend, make sure and head on over to Dusk Dawn Club (DDC) for Fake Fuzz Fest. This is a two day (Dec 13-14) event filled with some of the best alternative, underground, and experimental music from all the various pockets of Beijing's nurturing scene.

Experience the psychedelic outer space wanderings of Whai, the degenerate 8-bit death rock of GUIGUISUISUI, and the walls of poetic feedback from Alpine Decline, along with brunch/food vendors, and a special curated selection of freaky visual art. We are confident in saying that this will be some serious communal fun, and you would have to be a total philistine to miss out on this showcase of genre-bending Beijing music. The festival will also welcome warp speed electro rockers Da Bang, the filter sweeps of Noise Arcade, Shanghai's filthiest punk outfit Dirty Finger and much much more.

Also, the entrance fee will include a special mixtape, filled with mutant sounds from Nasty Wizard Recordings. One day pass RMB 60, RMB 50 (advance); two day pass RMB 100, RMB 90 (advance).

Photos: Courtesy of the organizers, FAKE Music Media

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