Blanche Bespoke is the newest shop featuring bespoke tailoring to hit Chaoyang District. They have everything needed to transform you from a used-up rag of a boy, into a dapper fancy man worthy of yacht parties in Saint-Tropez or a wild derby weekend.

Upon sauntering in, you will most likely be led to a sitting area where you can chat with the sales manager about what it is you’re looking for. They have jackets, suits, and blazers of various cuts for you to check out and get inspired with the possibilities of their practice. If these designs don’t quite do it for you, they also have a flatscreen TV loaded up with some photographs of the current trends in bespoke tailoring.

Next, they guide you through stacks of fabric samples, the majority of which come from the UK and Italy. These are some of the top wools and cashmeres in the world. You can bet that a suit tailored from these swanky textiles at Blanche will cost you anywhere from RMB 10-15,000 and beyond.

Once the fabric is selected, you can go ahead and get measured up. They have something hi-tech for this that seemingly measures your volume (fatness) in 3D, or that’s how it was explained. Essentially you stand on a rotating disk while a camera at the opposite side of the room takes your dimensions. Seven days after these measurements are taken, you’ll have a fitting, then in another 18, you’ve got a brand new suit. Most of the 25 days is spent waiting for fabric to arrive as it’s all imported directly from the manufacturer. Then, once it lands in Beijing everything is stitched together by hand.

While Blanche Bespoke may be on the expensive side of custom suit options here in Beijing, upon close inspection you can’t help but appreciate their craft and attention to detail.

Blanche Bespoke
Daily 11am-9pm. Shop 1-022 Building 5, 8 Xindonglu, Chaoyang District (8426 3616)
800m West of Tuanjiehu Station (Line 10)


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