Allergy sufferers and dog lovers will want to avoid the Wangjing branch of New World Department Store this weekend as they'll be putting on a display of 100 of the world's most expensive cats on December 6 and 7.

Twenty different breeds from cat fanciers around China will be at the show, which runs from 10.30am to 6pm on the fifth floor of the mall.

Entrance is free and you'll be able to ogle Persian pussies, hairless pussies, and even examples of the the world's largest pussy, the Maine Coon (pictured above), which is the largest domesticated breed, with some specimens growing to be 1.2 meters long from nose to tail (allegedly only 10 of this breed even exist in China). A panel of experts will be on hand from the US and China to judge the Best of Show.

And at an average price of RMB 30,000 a cat, there's not a cheap pussy in the bunch.

If you think you've got a pretty nice pussy yourself, you can register to put it on display as well for a mere RMB 400 (for pros) and RMB 200 (for amateurs). Sorry, only purebred pussies allowed, mixed bloods need not apply. Contact 158 0116 2136 ot 133 0107 6026 to register your cat, or visit the Cat Aficionado Association (Chinese only) here for more details.


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