Every month we tally the hits from thebeijinger.com and bring you the top five most viewed blogs from our website. Here's went large in November:

1. Expats in China: Three-Quarters Male and Illiterate
The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs discovered that 73.8 percent of expats were male, and only a shockingly low eight percent reported they could speak at least simple Chinese. Although incapable of communicating in Chinese, 70 percent of foreigners reported being happy with their lives in China, and only 3.3 percent expressed that they wanted to leave as soon as their contracts are up.

2. 33-Year-Old Woman Crushed to Death on Subway
A woman was crushed to death on Line 5 of the Beijing Subway on Nov 6 after being caught between the safety gate and the doors of the train as it left the station. The incident should serve as a reminder to everyone using the subway to be extra careful, avoid peak hours if possible, and watch out with the pushing and shoving that normally occurs.

3. China, US Introduce New 10-Year Visas for Business and Tourism
Some genuinely good news out of the APEC meeting for citizens and residents of Beijing. China and the United States have agreed on a new 10-year visa plan for business and tourism, along with new five-year visas for students. Those new visas are available to and from the United States beginning November 11.

4. Third Ring Road APEC Sniper Story a Hoax
A notice that sharpshooters and snipers from participating Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation countries would be posted on rooftops lining the Third Ring Road was apparently a hoax, according to Chinese media. Following this they rubbished the story, stating that no such order had been issued.

5. Beijing Says ‘Boo’ to Halloween Costumes on the Subway
Beijing police were ready to arrest or otherwise exclude from public transportation the costumed this past Halloween. Happening this year just ahead of the APEC summit, the Beijing News said the inappropriately adorned could cause “panic.”

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